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Notranjost restavracije Srebrna vilica v Hotelu Zala Piran

Magical flavours and silverware

Where can you pleasantly tease your palates, satisfy hunger or simply enjoy delicious dishes and selected wines? In our, and hopefully also your restaurant the Srebrna vilica (“Silver Fork”). True, the name is unusual, but we’re hoping that the dish prepared by our Chef and other creators of magical flavours, as well as our silverware, will conjure up a golden and delicious feast. Choose from seafood or meat, or we are equally happy when we can serve delicious homemade pasta.

Positive spirit of an open kitchen

The diversity of the offer is one of the trademarks of Srebrna vilica. It features a rich offer of predominantly Slovenian wines, consisting of wines from afar and local Istrian region. The positive spirit of the open kitchen will enable guests to monitor food preparation and real-time communication with the staff. It will be hard to resist the temptation even on the hottest days.

Tomahavk - Restavracija Srebrna vilica Piran
Restavracija Srebrna vilica - Hotel Zala Piran

Opening hours

The Srebrna vilica restaurant is open:

Tuesday - Sunday 19:00 – 23:00